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    Is the gateway-mq feature broken in 6.1?

    Geert Schuring Newbie

      I'm looking for a way to demonstrate the increased total message throughput after adding master/slave pairs to a single messaging group. I'm using JMeter to run messages through Fuse but I haven't discovered yet how to use the loadbalancing features of fabric in JMeter. After reading about an MQ Gateway here I figured that must be the way to go. However, the documentation only really explains the http part of the gateway, so I'm left pretty clueless about how to get the ActiveMQ gateway part working.


      Also, the page called "Configuring the Gateway" contains incorrect information:


      "To configure the gateway using the Management Console UI, navigate to the Profiles page then click on the Configuration tab, then select either the Fabric8 HTTP Gateway or the Fabric8 MQ Gateway to configure its settings."


      I cannot find the said Configuration tab in the 6.1 management console. Am I doing something wrong here?

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          Dejan Bosanac Newbie

          Hi Geert,


          mq-gateway in 6.1 is in tech preview state. You can test it out, but it still lacks some features and needs to be harden for the production use. Currently, if you assign mq-gateway profile to the container it will open port 61616, and proxy the connections to the brokers inside the fabric. There isn't much you can configure at the moment. We plan to work further on it, and allow more configuration options, so you can have different load balancing and connection sharding options. That's something that will come in the future. Please raise any issues and enhancement you would like to see in this component.