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    BrowserSim and Selenium WebDriver

    Alex Soto Newbie



      this is Alex, I am a user and developer of Arquillian framework. Actually I am developing a product that will need some kind of check of how a web page looks in a mobile device. An exact representation is not required only a more or less preview is enough. So the first thing that comes to my mind is use Arquillian Droidum Web extension. The problem is that you need to open an Emulator which is a problem because it takes the whole life to open. Then I thought about Arquillian Drone and BrowserSim. So my question is:


      Are there any webdriver available for running BrowserSim? And if not can I find in any place how I can start a BrowserSim (I have read a bit in different posts) but more important can I get all required information to create a WebDriver? (basically navigation, loading page and getting content).


      Thank you so much,