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    Cascade delete problem

    sirvaulterscoff Newbie

      Hi. I'm running jboss3.2.3 on windows 200 prof. I'm building an entrprise app using ejb and servlets. Entity beans CMP (Oracle 9i) works greate except cascade delete. I have such tables

      GrpFac Fac FacVal
      -------- ------ --------
      GpFac_ID-->GrpFac_ID Value
      ..... Fac_ID --> Fac_ID
      ..... ....

      You see, Fac has one cmr field which relates to grpfac and facval has three cmr fields one of them is related to fac. GrpFac has about 20 rows, fac has about 50 rows, and facval has 20000 rows. So when im trying to delete one grpfac, container should delete all related facs and facvals, so that he is doing. But such a cascade delete takes aprox 10 minutes - it is unsutable for me. Sometimes i've got an exception from oracle which says that Oracle could not allocate 20 bytes of shared memmory for sql statement. How to deal with this problem.
      Ill be glad to any answer.