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    Session replication not work with Jboss eap 6.2  and mod_cluster 1.2.6

    Tran Nam Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I plan to deploy my application in jboss clustering environment. I used Jboss eap 6.2 and mod_cluster 1.2.6.

      My model as below:

      Server 1 ( installed httpd and mod_cluster. (I downloaded version combine mod_cluster and httpd).

      Server 2 ( installed jboss with node name: node1  (i was added proxy-list="")

      Server 3 ( installed jboss with node name: node2  (i was added  changed proxy-list="")


      I start two node with standalone-ha configuration, deployed my app onto node1 and node 2 and take a tested:

      1. when both node are running => OK

      2. when i shutdown node 1 and access app => it redirect to node 2. App still working but session id has changed.

      I think  the session replication is not work. I also added <distributable/> in web.xml.


      Anyone can help me?