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    Static modules management in JBoss EAP 6

    Nicolas Nicolas Newbie

      Dear all,


      I'm working with JBoss-eap-6.2 and I have to study static modules management.

      Currently we have only one application (ear) deployed in our JBoss but we would like to add others applications (ear or war) without restarting JBoss.


      Of course it's possible with JBoss-eap-6 but, the others applications have their own static modules and we would like to deploy theses modules without restarting JBoss too.


      I did a test by following these step :

      - I created a module (com.me.my-module, slot=1.0) and I add in a JBoss which was stopped,

      - I deployed an application in a JBoss which was stopped (my-app.ear) with a link to the module com.me.my-module (slot=1.0),

      - I started JBoss successfully.

      - Then I added a functionality to the module (com.me.my-module) and I upgraded the version (slot=1.1)

      - I copied the new module version in the JBoss without restarting it : that's worked.

      - I modified the application (my-app.ear) to refer the new version of module com.me.my-module (slot=1.1),

      - I deployed the application (my-app.ear) in JBoss without restarting it and... that's worked too : deployment OK and I can use the new feature.


      I know a little bit how OSGi works, and I assume it's a normal functioning, but I'd prefer to have your opinion about this before to conclude...


      Thanks in advance.