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    WildFly-Undertow HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() not working for relative URL

    Mehboob Alam Newbie

      Perhaps this is a configuration issue or someone knows a work-around. But I cannot get HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() to work correctly. This only happens to me with Wildfly 8. I created a sample app that works on Jboss 6.1.0 eap and several other app servers where I tested the scenario.


      The sample app has two servlet and I am just moving from one to the other using sendRedirect. The key seems to be relative path in the form "../whatever/whatever"

      To test this, I enter my app's URL like this-




      Then, inside the first servlet, I do the following -

      String url = "../goodbye/bye";


      wildfly gives me a 404. All other app server works. It takes me to this url:



      Has anyone else run into this? Is there a configuration change that I need to make for WildFly?

      Thanks in advance.