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    Why there are differences in app between debug and normal mode

    Robert L. Newbie

      When I run my war application in eclipse on wildfly 8.0.0 Final in debug mode, then everything works fine. But when I switch wildfly to normal mode, then it doesn't take into account some annotations and errors appear.

      Especially I cannot manage to start working javax.transaction.Transactional annotation in normal mode.

      E.g. such code:




      public class CmpNoteCrud extends BaseCrud<ComNote> { 


           public String remove(ComNote inst) {

                this.inst = entityManager.find(ComNote.class, inst.getId());

                return super.remove(inst);



      in debug mode the above works fine, but in normal mode throws me an error:

      06:05:55,011 ERROR [stderr] (default task-5) javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException: JBAS011469: Transaction is required to perform this operation (either use a transaction or extended persistence context)

      Is there any configuration I missed? Thanks for any help.