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    Configuring Logging in jBPM-console (kie-wb-distribution-wars:jboss-as7)

    xmrk Newbie

      So, I'm trying to get logging to work with the jbpm-console (artifact: kie-wb-distribution-wars.war, classifier: jboss-as7, version: 6.0.1.Final).  I haven't gotten it to work.  I can get the logging statements in the Extensions (for instance, KieCDIExtension).  I think I know everything I need to know to set logging levels, Log Categories, handlers, etc..


      In attempting to get logging to work, I removed the slf4j jars as well as the log4j jars (as I believe they are provided by the JBoss AS 7 container).  It still doesn't work. 


      Has anyone investigated logging in this war? 




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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          the logging is controlled by JBoss logging subsystem and thus you should configure it standalone.xml, just follow instructions of JBoss user guide on logging subsystem and that should do the trick. And if the logging of KieCDIExtansion does work, it means you have configured it properly as all code base shares the same logging configuration (from code point of view) might be there are no log statement available for the part of code you trying to trace - so what are you looking for?