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    Application connection with Business objects

    krishan tripathi Newbie


      I am new to working with JBOSS and working on a task to move my application from tomcat 4 to jboss 6. With this migration i have landed in a trouble. My application sets up a connection with business objects to pull up reports. This connection was working fine while we were running with tomcat. But when we deployed our code with JBOSS  it stopped working. Here are the details :


      a) Currently application is running on tomcat and uses an API to connect with business objects. This API has been provided by the BO team. The function takes input username,password,BO server,authentication type as inputs and sends these to BO server for authentication. For a successfull connection it returns with a token value and then establishes a valid connection with BO.

      The problem lies here with the authentication type. The authentication type used in my appliccation is secLDAP. This works perfectly with tomcat but when run on JBOSS throws an error of invalid username password.

      The wierd thing is that when i try to run this connection string as a standalone java application it runs successfully and returns the token string but when binded in the project and run through server this fails.

      Am i missing some JBOSS settings which manipulates the parameters during the handshake so that the secLDAP authentication fails.

      I am able to login to infoview successfully with the same user id/passowrd. Also i created a enterprise login and was able to connect successfully by passing authentication type as secEnterprise.


      Here is the connection string used to send the parameters to java server :

      enterpriseSessionUser = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr().logon(username,password,Server Name,authtype);

      If authtype= secLDAP this fails to connect

      authtype =secEnterprise connects succesfully

      if the abaove string is run as a standalone java application it runs successfully.

      Need urgent help on this. Does the LDAP plugin is not compatible with BO.

      Here the environment details :

      BO version - BOXI/R3 hosted on tomcat

      Application version - Java 7 hosted on JBOSS  EAP