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    EXISTS operator

    tbech Newbie

      Hi all,
      How to write in EJB-QL the EXISTS statement in WHERE (like in SQL92)?
      For now it seems to me that it is not in the EJB-QL spec and JBoss-QL as well.

      More general observation, which probably most of you can share:
      I've just started to be familiar wit JBoss and CMP and found that some very basic syntax of sql is not a part of EJB/JBoss-QL (exists, select inside 'in', just few sql functions implemeted). Many free java O/R mapping libraries (like castor, jonas CMP) have much more powerfull QL. Speaking frankly current EJB-SQL/JBoss-QL with its limitation is just a toy and the real job must be done in ugly sql.