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    about jndi name's resource-ref problem in jboss-web.xml

    Wind Wild Newbie

      Hello everyone

      Recently,I meet a problem as following:

      I have a web project use datasource,and I configured a datasource jndi on WildFly,it's full name is "java:jboss/jdbc/fuwu" .Because the full name is so long,so i want to make it to other short name by configurating jboss-web.xml as following:

      <!DOCTYPE jboss-web PUBLIC
      "-//JBoss//DTD Web Application 5.0//EN"
      <!--   <context-root>fuwu-web</context-root>    -->

      By this changing,When we look up the jndi,we can look up jdbc/fuwu but not java:jboss/jdbc/fuwu,and I test successfully in the pass.But I found a problem recently,and i describ as following:

      The structure of my war as following:


      The difference between this war to my test successfully war is that the datasource's look up file under the "lib" directory,


      it can't not read the





      it is say that resource-ref invalid,my datasource loo up file as following:

      <jee:jndi-lookup id="dataSource" jndi-name="jdbc/fuwu" proxy-interface="javax.sql.DataSource" lookup-on-startup="false"/>

      when i use datasource in the project,it tell me the jndi name not found Exception,when i modify "jndi-name" value to "java:jboss/jdbc/fuwu" and the project work well.

      who can tell me how to solve this problem,I just want to look up the short name.