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    Outdated documentation?

    João Pereira Newbie



      I'm trying to follow the documentation to start a new process using JMS or REST, following the documentation in Chapter 17. Remote API.


      It's been hard times, since can't have it working. Starting with the JMS example using:


      17.1.2. The JMS Remote Java RuntimeEngine Factory


      No luck. The vanilla installation of JBPM 6.0.1 seems not working with this strategy. I tried various configurations on the JBOSS AS, as looking though the internet for similar issues, so I move to try:


      17.1.1. The REST Remote Java RuntimeEngine Factory


      No luck again, just get timeouts.


      Moving now to :

      17.3.5. Example JMS usage



      I found out the the code show as an example may be outdated because:


      String xmlStr = JaxbSerializationProvider.convertJaxbObjectToString(req)


      But the api of JaxbSerializationProvider does not contain any method convertJaxbObjectToString.


      I'm using








      Is there any updated documentation to interact with JBPM engine through JMS, with working code for version 6.0.1?

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          Marco Rietveld Novice

          My apologies, the documentation and code for the Remote API was not as finished in 6.0.1.Final as it should have been.


          Can you explain what the problems were that you encountered with the REST Remote java RuntimeEngine Factory? Of the 3 approaches that you describe, I probably tested that one the most and it's probably also the most straightforward.

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            Marco Muniz Newbie

            Here are some notes that I have taken while learning how to make REST calls;

            You must have the process deployed

            You need to get the deploymentId and processDefId

            for the HR example these are deploymentId is "org.jbpm:HR:1.0" and processDefId is "hiring"


            I use SOUPUI to test the services and these are my settings;

            Endpoint: http://localhost:8080/

            Resource: /jbpm-console/rest/runtime/org.jbpm:HR:1.0/process/hiring/start

            I use basic authentication which is admin/admin, and with SOUPUI there is a button to select Authenticate pre-emptively that I had to select for it to work.

            It also requires an accept header set to application/json.


            One thing I have not been able to figure out is how to get a listing of processDefIds using  the Rest services.

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              Marco Rietveld Novice

              It's not possible to get a listing of processDefIds using the REST or JMS services.

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                João Pereira Newbie

                For the REST Interface, I have it working, it was working all the time, but I was getting a timeout from my client, was not related to the rest interface.



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                  Marco Muniz Newbie

                  How can we fully integrate with the REST service if we can't get a list of the processDefIds or the processDefId for a certain process.  I would think you need to get this Id to be able to automate the process.  For example if I create a list of processes on a website and want to create an execute button, I don't think that is possible with the current REST interface unless I am missing something.