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    Claiming and Completing User Task is slow in jBPM (Compared to Activiti)

    Rahul Magdum Novice

      Hi All,
      We are evaluating jBPM and Activiti engines.

      I have attached two BPMNs (user_task_02, single_user_task) that we have used to compare user task's performance in both engines.

      In jBPM, we have started and completed user task by following way -

           runtime.getTaskService().start(taskSummaryList.get(i).getId(), "krisv");

           runtime.getTaskService().complete(taskSummaryList.get(i).getId(), "krisv", null);


      Is there any way to increase jBPM's performance?
      Is there any possibility that jBPM's user task will perform fast after some code changes? (should file JIRA issue?)


      For another BPMN (performance_01) , which has some multi instance, sub processes, service tasks, parallel gateway etc. jBPM is working better than activiti.

      swiderski.maciej  salaboy21