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    Custom JAAS LoginModule without JBossSX - JBoss 7

    Carlos Lacerda Newbie

      Hello friends,



      I have a question about use of JAAS custom login modules in JBoss.

      I´m using Liferay in JBoss7 and your LoginModule "com.liferay.portal.security.jaas.ext.jboss.PortalLoginModule" found here


      This module don´t extends JBoss SX classes, the applications runs fine and authentication and authorization is Ok in Liferay. I have problems when I try use SSO with this Login module as start point, when I use this same

      "<security-domain>java:/jaas/PortalRealm</security-domain>" and






      My nested application in JBoss don´t receives the user when request.getUserPrincipal() is called, always returns null, but in a test, if I use any default login module of JBossSX my nested application receives user logged, request.getUserPrincipal() return user logged.


      My question is, when I use a Login module that not extends JBoss SX it´s not possible to use SSO ??


      Anyone has experienced similar problem ?


      I only want use this LoginModule configured with LDAP server to serves users/roles to Liferay and reuse with SSO the same user in another application in same JBoss container. Using JBoss default loginmodules I saw this is simple and easy but with third party loginmodule without JBossSX not.


      Makes PortalLoginModule extends AbstractServerLoginModule of JBossSX can be a solution to do this ?


      Thanks a lot for any help.