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    Dependencies between WARs inside a EAR

    Arivanandam Sankaranarayanan Newbie

      Hi All,


      First thanks for taking time to read my post.


      We recently moved from Websphere Application server to JBoss servers. As a result we are migrating our applications to JBoss.


      My question revolves around how to solve the Class level dependencies between WARS inside the same EAR. i.e. for example WAR1 is dependent on the classes of WAR2 inside the same EAR.


      Currently we are having a EAR with about 4 WARs. The Class file in one WAR is dependent on Classes in another WAR. To solve this problem we found a solution to mention those dependencies in the "jboss-deployment-structure.xml". But with the use of this XML we ended up in a problem. The size of the EAR file created using the JBoss IDE is 113 MB. The EAR for the same application build using RAD was just around 9 MB.


      When we expanded the EAR created using JBoss to find out the reason for the size difference, we noticed that when the EAR was build, it is putting a copy of the dependent WARs inside the LIB folder the WAR that needs those dependencies. This eventually ballooned the sizes of the EAR so much.


      If any one could provide a solution to this issue, so that the WARs are able to solve their inter dependencies without creating copies of the WARs inside the LIB folder.


      Thanks again.