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    RHQ 4.10 on Windows without using service

    raylite3 Apprentice



      I am trying to setup RHQ 4.10 on Windows for a set of developer/QA machines (agent/server/storage local) and I want to be able to simply copy a directory in place and launch the server/agent/storage from a script without setting up/using the Windows service.


      To do this, will I need to enter in all the values in rhq-server.properties, turn off the auto-install flag and run 'rhqctl start' ?



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          jay shaughnessy Expert

          The '> rhqctl install' is the de-facto install mechanism and on Windows it installs all three components as services.  I'd recommend you just do this on each machine, but if you're heart is set on creating some sort of replicable image then maybe what you could do is this... On an initial system perform the standard rhqctl install.  Although this will create services you don't necessarily have to run them that way.  You can run the rhqctl console command to run storage and server.  The agent can run similarly via <RHQ_AGENT_HOME>\bin\rhq-agent.(sh|bat).


          Then you'd replicate the installation's top level umbrella directory.  Remember that you need to replicate the rhq-data directory as well, for the storage node data.  And then run everything in console mode on the replicated systems.


          I'm not positive what I describe will work but you can give it a try.

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            raylite3 Apprentice

            Thanks but when I start with the console and then shut it down using ctrl-c, it leaves the cassandra daemon running.


            I will consider using the defacto 'rhqctl install' mechanism.