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    Persisting data in infinispan cache to file

    coco mani Newbie

      I'm trying to persist cached data from infinispan 6.0.2 to a file, I'm using this configuration:

      ConfigurationBuilder builder = new ConfigurationBuilder(); builder.eviction().strategy(EvictionStrategy.LRU).maxEntries(1) .persistence() .passivation(false) // save evicted entries to cache store .addSingleFileStore() .preload(true) .shared(false) .fetchPersistentState(true) .ignoreModifications(false) .purgeOnStartup(false) .location(System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir")+"infinispan") //.async().enabled(true).threadPoolSize(5) .singleton() .enabled(true) .pushStateWhenCoordinator(true) .pushStateTimeout(20000); Configuration configuration = builder.build();

      It does not work for me (and I don't have errors), the file store is created in the file system but contains only "FCS1" and if it's already created nothing happen (i.e. no update).