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    VDB Web Service WAR Generation Failed

    Ranjith Menon Newbie

      Hi Team,


      I am facing a strange problem in using Teiid Designer in JBoss Developer Studio 7.0.0 GA. I can model VDB and generate WSDL WAR when the JB Studio is used in Windows 7 PC. But when i try to do the same in Windows XP machine i end up getting WAR generation failed. I am using exactly the same Java build (1.7_51) and the same version of JB Studio is both set-up. Is there a concern in using Teiid Designer + JB Studio 7.0.0 in XP environment to generate WAR for VDB ??


      The Error i see in JB Studio eclipse is as follows



          at org.teiid.designer.runtime.ui.wizards.webservices.util.DefaultWebArchiveBuilderImpl.generateWsdl(DefaultWebArchiveBuilderImpl.java:725)

          at org.teiid.designer.runtime.ui.wizards.webservices.util.DefaultWebArchiveBuilderImpl.createWebArchive(DefaultWebArchiveBuilderImpl.java:235)

          at org.teiid.designer.runtime.ui.wizards.webservices.WarDeploymentInfoDialog.execute(WarDeploymentInfoDialog.java:195)

          at org.teiid.designer.runtime.ui.wizards.webservices.WarDeploymentInfoDialog$1.run(WarDeploymentInfoDialog.java:150)

          at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext.runInCurrentThread(ModalContext.java:464)



      Any help is appreciated


      Thank you