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    Jboss 7.1 Clustering

    hasnain raza Newbie

      Hello Everyone,


      I am migrating my application from Jboss 5 GA to Jboss 7.1.In Jboss 5 we are using all profile for clustering in which we don't replicate our session between the nodes,we are using sticky session.

      Now in Jboss 7 i am using stanalone-full-ha xml for clustering,when i start my server i don't see any information about cluster and nodes,but when i add <distribuable/> tag in web.xml it show information about cluster.I don't want to replicate my session between the node.


      Can any one guide me what i am doing wrong because server log don't show we information about cluster members and nodes,and how can i join 2 nodes in cluster with sticky session.

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Since AS7 the cluster subsystem is only activated if it is needed (this is the same for other subsystems).

          So if you havn't applications without clustering you won't see clustering messages.


          If you run applications without session replication, I suppose it is a web application, what you want from clustering?

          Normally you use replication for failover, it is recommended to you sticky sessions to prevent from server hopping for each request.


          Do you have more for clustering, like EJB's? or what you use cluster for?

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            hasnain raza Newbie

            Thanks for the reply,


            In Jboss 5 we are using HA Singleton to achieve cluster,in jboss 7 i cant find HA singleton environment.

            how can i join two nodes to each other in cluster,in this i don't want to use <distribuable> tag in web.xml because don't want to replicate the session only want to connect two nodes to each other,becaue in our existing application we don't use <distribuable> tag in web.xml and it we deploy the application in all profile in Jboss 5 to form a cluster environment.


            Currently we have this deployed on Jboss 5,we connect each other by ip address and use sticky session between them and join cache and jms message in cluster but not web app ,want can i do to achieve this case in Jboss 7


            In Jboss 5 i see this message :


            10:01:57,587 INFO  [GroupMember] I am (

            10:01:57,587 INFO  [GroupMember] New Members : 2 ([,])

            10:01:57,587 INFO  [GroupMember] All Members : 2 ([,])

            10:01:57,629 INFO  [STDOUT]


            but in jboss 7 i cant see node join to each other.


                           join by ip adress

            NODE1 ---------------------------------- NODE2