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    Inventory sync issue when plugins lose resource types

    Elias Ross Master

      In RHQ 4.9, I observed the following issue:

      • Deploy a custom plugin
      • The agent creates resources of a type
      • Remove the type from the plugin descriptor
      • The resource still exists in inventory
      • The agent says INFO  [InventoryManager.discovery-1] (InventoryManager)- Got unknown resource: 965889
      • Then, the agent will attempt to sync. The server receives lots of full availability reports, over and over again.

      23:59:56,855 INFO  [org.rhq.enterprise.server.util.concurrent.AvailabilityReportSerializer] (http-/ tid=534; agent=xxx: releasing write lock after being locked for millis=14851

      • Over enough agents, the server uses a lot of CPU and crash.


      The solution appears to be to remove the unknown resources.

      Is this still a potential bug in 4.10 or master? Is there some sort of process that might have failed on the server side to remove these resources?

      Unfortunately I don't have detailed logs.