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    Add missing dependencies  into JBossESB Projects

    Paul Rolph Newbie

      Hello JB  community!


      I have posted this question in relation a post I have started on how to obtain old versions of JBDS, to allow me to work through a book I purchased "JBoss ESB for Beginners".


      I seemed to have overcome some the challenges in setting JBDS v5, and have successfully been able to run JBossAS and the JBoss ESB runtimes within JBDS, but I seem to have hit some issues with obtaining the 'helloworld' Project Example: 'JBoss ESB HelloWorld Example - ESB'. The example is still available, but I did notice some slight variations on the package 'title'.


      The problem I'm facing is, that it looks like there are some libraries / resources missing, which the HelloWorld projects needs, as these references within the class files which are being flagged as missing.


      Resources missing are:

      1) SendEsbMessage.java

      2) MyJMSListenerAction.java

      3) SendJMSMessage.java


      Below is an example of a resource that is imported,

           import org.jboss.soa.message.Message;

           error message:  import org.jboss.soa.message.Message cannot be resolved.


      Another is with import javax.jms. libraries. I receive the same 'Message cannot be resolved.'


      Can someone advise on what can be the issue/issues here, and recommended some fixes?


      My environment:

      OS: CentOS 6.4 x64

      Java: Oracle jdk1.7.0_55 x64 (execution environments for JavaSE1-6 is compatible and enabled in the JBDS configurations).

      AS: JBoss-5.1.0.GA

      ESB platform: jbossesb-4.10

      JBDS: v5.0.0.GA

      ANT: v1,8.1


      I would love to receive a solution to this and then be able to start Chapter 3 of the JBoss ESB for Beginners book :-), so feedback on this will be greatly appreciated.




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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Hi Paul,


          Did you follow the steps in pages 54-70?     When you went to Help->Project Examples, did you see an entry for ESB?

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            Paul Rolph Newbie

            Hi Tom,


            Yes, I closely followed pages 54-70 in the book, and these are the steps I followed from within my JBDS...

            Help > Project Examples

            In the book the project filter is a little different from what is saw in my ide, but I am certain this is not an issue.

            Book: ESB for SOA-P 5.0

                 -> JBoss ESB HelloWorld Example - ESB


            My IDE: ESB for JBoss SIA Platform 5.0

                 ->  JBoss ESB HelloWorld Example - ESB


            Anyway, after I selected the JBoss ESB HelloWorld Example - ESB project, I clicked next and I received the window as per below. I wasn't able to edit, or modify the 'Found?' column on that server runtime shown in the list.


            I did click the install button to see what would happen, and below is what my setup looks like.


            The last screenshot is an example of the errors with the missing dependencies...


            hmmm - all much fun.


            I might go back and try to install an earlier version of the JDK. I am running 1.7.0.xx, so it is possible the JRE that comes with 7, may not be compatible with the HelloWorld project.