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    No proxy providers regeistered

    David Robison Novice

      I have a RESTeasy interface defined in a separate JAR file. I am trying to compile it into my GWT application to allow me to use errai to access the REST service. When I compile the app everything compiles fine, however, my JaxrsProxyLoaderImpl.java class has not proxies in it. When I try to call the REST interface I get the "No proxy providers registered" error. Any idea what I may be doing wrong or how to further debug this? This is my first attempt at using errai. Thanks, David

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          Christian Sadilek Master

          Hi David,


          It seems Errai can't find that interface in your separate JAR. Your JAR needs to


          - be a valid GWT module (needs a gwt.xml file that also specifies the source path in case your interface is not under the default client.*)

          - have an ErraiApp.properties file (can be empty) which is used as a marker file for classpath scanning