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    Cannot monitor in JON resource adapter pool

    tibi Newbie



      I am using JON 3.1.2GA for monitoring load tests on applications running on JBoss EAP6.1. I have also couple of resource adapters (JCA) that these application use. I need reports on how the resource adapter pools are behaving.


      Drilling down in the JBossAS7 Standalone Server to a certain JVM I cannot seem to find where I can setup "Monitoring/Schedules" for the resource adapter pool. The only available option that I see is "Availability" metric.

      I am searching here for metrics similar to what I can find in datasource like "Connection Available", "Max Wait Time", "Created Count", "Destroyed Count" etc.


      I have no idea if JON provides this functionality or if there is something wrong with the JON setup. Any input is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!