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    how to use Jboss navigation api ?

    Rhona Camille Malubay Newbie

      Hi there,


           ive been asked to create a dynamic navigation tree menu that will be able to call another portlet on the same page.(to be deployed in Jboss portal)


      my first idea on starting this is to create table and stored procedure that will handle the content of the Menu.
      but i was asked then to use the Jboss navigation Api. been trying to search and read about it but i still dont know how it works.
      have seen this material (a good read ) Chapter 13. Portal API

      but im still clueless on how to start and put things together.
      there are also no examples to be seen by far.


      can you suggest or help me with this?

      any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you and God Bless.