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    rich:tab action attribute not working in richfaces 4.3.2

    Manish Prajapati Newbie



      I am using richfaces 4.3.2 and JSF 2 and I have found that rich:tab action attribute not working. It's not invoking action before loading the tab (as it works in richfaces 3.x) and whatever I am rendering is depending on action what I am invoking on rich:tab.


      Please let me know whether its not supported in richfaces 4.3.2 or I am doing anything wrong. If its not supported in richfaces 4.3.x, please advice me some workaround. Thanks a lot in advance.


      Below is my code snippet :




        <rich:tabPanel id="oConsoleTabPanel" switchType="ajax" headerAlignment="left" headerSpacing="10px" styleClass="grid static"

        activeItem="#{applicationFile.activeTab}"  >

        <c:if test="#{s:hasPermission('view_summary', null)}">

        <rich:tab id="summarytab" header="Test Summary">

        <h:form id="editForm" render=":appfilecontainer">

        <ui:param name="rendermode" value="console" />

        <c:if test="#{s:hasPermission('view_tracking_info', null) and el:sectionHasViewPermission(app.product, 'tracking')}">

        <ui:include src="fragments/tracking.xhtml" />

        <br class="clearfloat" />






        <c:if test="#{s:hasPermission('view_agreements', null) and el:sectionHasViewPermission(app.product, 'signeddocs')}">

        <c:if test="#{not cu:zerosize(app.agreements)}">

        <rich:tab id="agreementsTab" header="Agreements &#38; Documents Test" action="#{applicationFile.loadAgreements()}" immediate="true">

        <ui:include src="fragments/signeddocs.xhtml" />