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    JBoss SOA 5.3.1 JCA listeners dont re-attach to desinations

    joe_boy12 Novice

      Hello guys - we have 3 node jboss soa 5.3.1 cluster and we have 2 node jboss messeging cluster, the ESB services remotely connect ot EAP5.2 JMS Provider, while everything seem to be working fine, what we see quite often is some jboss services (listeneing on ESB destinations / ESB Aware queues) detach themselves from listening on ESB queues. The http gateways keep populating/piling these queues but service doesnt consume them - we need to periodically go and start and stop the services to drain those messages. We have Linux stack, JDK 1.6.35, 4 GB 4 CPU 3 node SOA cluster. This is becoming pain when we need to manuall restart the services. any settings we need to tweak?