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      i try to use ksesson.getProcessInstaces(); but it return a collecion of size 0 which confused ne a lot

      javadoc of org.drools.runtime.process.ProcessRuntime.getProcessInstances():


           * Returns a collection of currently active process instances.  Note that only process

           * instances that are currently loaded and active inside the engine will be returned.

           * When using persistence, it is likely not all running process instances will be loaded

           * as their state will be stored persistently.  It is recommended not to use this

           * method to collect information about the state of your process instances but to use

           * a history log for that purpose.

      someone says History logs is the way to go for getting that information and not impacting the jBPM5 runtime database.

      but i dont know how to use history log can you help me? @Mauricio Salatino