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    WSDL : local part cannot be null while creating a Qname issue




      I have a wsdl file with me , and when i open that wsdl on SOAP UI it works fine.


      In my switchyard project , I have a route component , I create an ESB reference (with input and output -> java:java.lang.String) , and promote this reference as a wsdl , with a SOAP binding , with the above mentioned wsdl file. I build this project , i get a build success , but when i deploy the project , i get a deployment failure with the following error message:


      local part cannot be null while creating a Qname.


      I'm not able to understand this issue , since when I look at my wsdl file open on SOAP UI , i can clearly see the Qname ( target namespace : message name) , even in my wsdl file , I have provided a message name to the request message of my operation , so why do i still get this issue ?


      Need help asap.