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    8.1.0.CR1: modify announcement, or add to download page


      Hi Folks,


      Great work on WildFly8.x -- but let's not confuse the newcomers


      The announcements of 8.1.0.CR1 at the top of both





      contain the words:

      As always you can download the release here:



      But that is not (currently) true.


      (Which means newcomers can get very confused…. and oldtimers can suffer needless frustration hunting down the right nightly and trawling JIRA for what's the holdup )


      So I suggest modifying the announcements to reflect reality,


      or publishing the downloadable artifacts at http://wildfly.org/downloads/ as advertised,

      or at least more clearly pointing folks to the 8.1.0.CR1 build at:


      WildFly-latest-master [Jenkins]


      Anyway, looking forward to 8.1.0.Final -- these are exciting times.