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    lifespan set to -1 but entry got removed

    coco mani Newbie

      I've experienced a strange behavior with lifespan 6.0.2, in my XML configuration i've expiracy defined as follows:

      <expiration lifespan="1000" maxIdle="500" />


      which means lifespan is set to 1000ms. I tried to put data this way:


      cache.put(key, value, -1, TimeUnit.MICROSECONDS);


      however the entry is not available after this put (i.e. cache.get(key) returns null), I assume it was expired as when I change the TimeUnit to milliseconds every works fine!!

      Furthermore, when I define my configuration programatically I don't have this strange behavior. Here is my config


      new ConfigurationBuilder()
           .expiration().lifespan(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS).wakeUpInterval(100, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS)
           .transactionManagerLookup(new GenericTransactionManagerLookup())


      any idea what's going on?