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    ClassCastException thrown on Component.getInstance(GateAction.class, true)

    Lokesh Paunikar Newbie

      I am new in Seam. I am using Rest services and in one of my rest service I am trying to get Instance by Component like,

      GateActionIntf gateAction = (GateActionIntf) Component.getInstance(GateActionImpl.class, true);


      So with this I got error java.lang.IllegalStateException: No application context active

      then to resolve this I call Lifecycle.beginCall() and Lifecycle.endCall() methods as below,

      GateActionIntf gateAction = (GateActionIntf) Component.getInstance(GateActionImpl.class, true); 


      Where GateActionIntf is an Interface and GateActionImpl is seam component which implements GateActionIntf. But now I am getting ClassCastException.

      Note : In my web service project I don't have any component.xml and seams based configuration, I have just added jboss-seam jar

      Is that possible to get instance like that, without any component.xml and seams configuration? Again just highlighting I am getting the Instance but while type casting throws ClassCastException. Any help or comments would be appreciated.



      GateActionIntf ==>

      public interface GateActionIntf


        Response performThisOperation( Operation operation, final DataModel dataModel );




      GateActionImpl ==>


      @Name(value = "getAction")



      public class GateActionImpl

        implements GateActionIntf


        public Response performThisOperation( Operation operation, DataModel dataModel )


          return new Response( operation.getOperationId(), false );