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    6.1 in production

    eminkevich Newbie



      just wanted to check if anyone is using 6.1 in production?


      I'm doing an upgrade of my environment at the moment and I find lots of issues - 3 per every day I work on the project on average, with at least one that can be classified as critical.


      Does it reflect your experiences?

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          Claus Ibsen Master

          Which issues?


          Also you should report issues using the customer portal, so they can be registered in the system, and worked on. And the GSS team can help you.

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            eminkevich Newbie

            Thank you, Claus, for quick response.


            I have got 9 issues opened through customer support already. Two of them could be considered showstoppers.


            An example:


            mvn deploy:deploy corrupts fabric with more than one ensemble server. I got three (HA setup) and the first bundle deployment renders the whole fabric unusable - profiles are not synced between servers, persistence ID's are not updated and so forth.

            Was not able to find any workarounds.


            Tried fabric8:deploy - same thing, though it did not corrupt the SSH console.


            Again - support team will not be probably sharing other customers case details so I thought to check here to get some indication of general community perception.


            Was waiting for this release for quite a while, yet the first experience has been rough around the edges so far. With all hawtio related issues I can live - using mainly the ssh console anyways - but the core capabilities need to be rock solid (as with 6.0).

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              sjavurek Newbie


              I work on the support team for the fuse products. I can honestly say I haven't seen a lot of migration type issues at this time.


              We welcome all feedback so please do let us know if yourself or others are having issues. I'd like to get them logged so we can address them.

              Hawtio in particular is great but it is also new so any feedback including usability is appreciated.

              For community members without subscriptions, please post your feedback to the forum here.


              In regards to your specific tickets, feel free to contact me at sjavurek@redhat.com if you'd like to discuss any specific cases.


              Kindest regards,


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                eminkevich Newbie

                Just wanted to provide a short update in case someone will be reading this thread later.


                The issues are being resolved (with the most critical one already fixed).


                I am impressed with how quickly the problem has been diagnosed by the technical team (lead by Claus) and how promptly a fix has been delivered.