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    File Upload. Add path to database.

    Will Garrett Newbie

      I currently have fileupload working fine. I can select a file I store it in a local folder on my computer.
      I would now like to store the file in the same folder but get the file name and store that in my database.

      I have my database and table setup already.


      public void upload(){

        log.info("User wants to upload a file {0}", fileName);

        log.info("Saving file...");

        File file = new File(FILE_FOLDER + "/" +  fileName);

        FileOutputStream fos;

        try {

        fos = new FileOutputStream(file);

        byte[] buffer = new byte[8 * 1024];


        while ((fileContents.read(buffer)) > 0){






        StatusMessages.instance().add(Severity.INFO,"You file has been saved :)");


        } catch (Exception e) {