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    Errai UI - Widgets not referenced in the template html

    Gerardo Monasterios Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have been doing some proof of concept with Errai UI  and so far it seems very powerful but I have some questions about templating (Mapping template html fields with its Class DataFields).

      Based on the Errai tutorial we have part of the Admin.html that looks like:

      <table class="table striped blackened">

                <tbody id="complaints">

                  <tr id="complaint" valign="top" class="issue-open">

                    <td data-field="name">Lincoln Baxter, III</td>

                    <td data-field="email">lincolnbaxter@gmail.com</td>





      And the template class related to each row is ComplaintListItemWidget that looks like


      public class ComplaintListItemWidget extends Composite implements HasModel<UserComplaint> {



        private DataBinder<UserComplaint> userComplaint;




        private final Element name = DOM.createTD();




        private final Element email = DOM.createTD();



      My question is: if I need to remove the email TD of the template html, then it also must be removed from the ComplaintListItemWidget class?. Is there a more flexible way to go (like mark the @Datafield not mandatory for example) in the template to put or remove things.


      Thanks in advance for your answer