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    Using LevelDB Cache Store in a Replicated Cluster

    Richard Lucas Apprentice

      I am currently researching the different cache store options I have for setting up a replicated cluster that will be used by ModeShape (4.0). My initial plan was to use a shared transactional JDBC store but after reading about the LevelDB store I am wondering if it will provide what I need. After reading the documentation I have the following questions:


      1. Does LevelDB support transactions.? I am planning to use the ModeShape and Infinispan sub-systems inside of Wildfly 8.0 and I would like my cache-store to participate in transactions.
      2. Looking at the LevelDB cache store documentation it looks like a single instance it can be shared between the different servers in the cluster. Is this preferred approach when using LevelDB in a cluster?
      3. When setting up a shared LevelDB cache store do you specify location and expiredLocation paths that point to directories on a shared file system that all instances in the cluster can see (I know this practice is not recommended for file cache stores)?
      4. Given a replicating cluster of 2-5 nodes with a 80/20 split of read/writes would I notice improved performance using LevelDB over a JDBC store?


      Many thanks in advance for you help?