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    Number of MDB connections to MQ

    sachin mishra Newbie

      I have trying for few days to try to sort this issue we currently facing but not much luck, hopefully someone here can give few ideas.



      I am not able to create more than 11 connections to the MQ Queue , thats only 10 MDBs are created regardless of the maxSessions settings.

      In standalone.xml, I have mdb strict pool max pool size is set to 50, and in my MDB config in maxSessions set to 50.

      But I only end up getting 10 MDB instances.



      When I change the above settings to say 5 max-pool and 5 maxSessions, I end up with only 5 MDB.


      So I am not sure why when the values is say 50 in the max pool size and 50 in the max sessions, why do I only get 10 MDBs?


      I am using Jboss 7.2.1 ( EAP 6.1).


      Any suggestions?