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    Cant' view contents of MDB message queue.

    Joseph Fouts Novice

      I have been trying to solve this problem now for awhile and I can't seem to figure it out.

      I am hoping that some of the JBoss experts can help me out.


      I have an process that writes messages to and MDB message queue.


      I have another program that uses queueBrowser to check how many messages are in the queue.


      When I start my JBOSS 7.1.1 final server I add 2000 messages.  If I have an MDB consumer defined on the

      Server I can run the transaction that uses the queueBrowser and it WILL have the exact number of message in the enumeration set

      that were added.


      But as soon as I start my server with the MDB consumer defined for my MDB message queue the

      queueBrowser getEnumeration is always empty.  I have added over 1000 messages so there is no way that all

      of them could have been consumed.  When I check the JBoss console it also displays the correct number of

      messages in the MDB message queue.


      So what am I missing?  I need to find a way to know how many messages are in MDB queue from a program

      also running on the server?


      Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.