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    JAX-WS @Webservice with @Interceptors(InterceptorABC.class) | Interceptor always called twice

    A Shakur Newbie

      Hi there,


      we are running a JAX-WS Webservice by using the @Webservice annotation. We decided to add an Interceptor using @Interceptors(InterceptorABC.class) for some Logging + ExceptionHandling.

      We don't want to use handlers, because we need to intercept the JAX-WS method calls for the logging + the exception handling. WS-Handlers isn't an option because we need the invocation context for our purpose.

      Our only problem is the Interceptor is invoked twice !


      Application Server: JBoss 6.2.0 EAP with standalone-full.xml

      Deployment: EAR including WAR including the JAX-WS Webservice


      We are trying to solve this problem for several days, but couldn't find a solution .


      Is there anyone who knows how to solve this problem.


      Thank you in advance,