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    Picketlink 2.5 with facebook authentication and security domain

    Juan Diego Calle Newbie

      I am trying to integrate facebook authentication to my website,  The quickstart worked perfectly, I copied the file to my app,and it logs and I get this on the test page


      This quickstart demonstrates how to implement authentication using facebook

      Congratulations! You are currently logged in as: myemail@adsfadf.com


      I added some changes to my security domain


      <security-domain name="mySecurity">
                              <login-module code="org.picketlink.social.facebook.FacebookLoginModule" flag="sufficient"/>
                              <login-module code="Database" flag="sufficient">
                                  <module-option name="dsJndiName" value="java:jboss/myDS"/>
                                  <module-option name="principalsQuery" value="select password from user where lower(usuario)=lower(?) and activo = 'true'"/>
                                  <module-option name="rolesQuery" value="select 1, 'Roles' from usuario where ? is not null"/>
                                  <module-option name="hashAlgorithm" value="SHA-256"/>
                                  <module-option name="hashEncoding" value="base64"/>


      I added <login-module code="org.picketlink.social.facebook.FacebookLoginModule" flag="sufficient"/>  after reading this PicketLink FaceBook - PicketLink - Project Documentation Editor, but it seems it is intended to for picketlink 2.1.x only because it is not working with my example, I am able to log and get authenticated, but I cannont access to any page or folder protected under any security domain