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    Android client to send Msg to Queue deployed using hornetQ in Jboss

    Alex Don Newbie

      Hello ,


      I want to implement a client on Android, which sends the messages to Queue/Topic deployed using hornetQ in JBoss.

      It is not possible to establish the connection in Android using JMS and hornetQ, as the javax.* packages are not availble on it and it is required to establish javax.jms.ConnectionFactory (ConnectionFactory cfactory = (ConnectionFactory) HornetQJMSClient.createConnectionFactoryWithoutHA(JMSFactoryType.CF,transportConfiguration);

      Is it possible to use MQTT in Android, which is actually used for ActiveMQ?

                           org.fusesource.mqtt.client.MQTT mqtt = new MQTT();

                          mqtt.setHost("tcp://IP of my computer", 5445); // set  own ip and port, which is configured in JBoss.  



                          org.fusesource.mqtt.client.FutureConnection connection = mqtt.futureConnection();


                          org.fusesource.mqtt.client.Topic[] topics = {new Topic(sDestination, QoS.AT_LEAST_ONCE)};


      or are there some other possibilities to connect to the Queues and Topics from Android?