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    What is WildFly's default encoding and how to set another encoding for WildFly?

    Wind Wild Newbie

      Hi everyone

      I want to know how to set encoding for WildFly.

      There is a ducument about it as following issue:[WFLY-2533] Add ability to set default character encoding on a subsystem level - JBoss Issue Tracker

      and i configured follow it,but there seem no availble.

      my WildFly install on linux os,following pictrue you can see on the WildFly‘s file.encoding is utf-8


      and I set default-encoding as follow:



      my web project's encode is utf-8 also,now i print a sentence with chinese:


      but when i go to

      there is not the sentence what i writeen in the java file when i see the server log,because there is no chinese:


      I don't know why,I have alrendy set the default encoding to utf-8.Is it wrong what i set?who can tell me about?