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    CXF security using sec keystore location from profile doesnt work

    Chandra Mahadevan Newbie

      Hello there,

      Here is snippet of my config (endpoint xml) for cxf with security (http-conduit):

      <sec:keyStore type="JKS" password="xxxx" url="${keystore.loc}">

      In fabric console, I created a profile say 'dev' and added the folder for 'keystores' and copied the '***.jks' file under that folder.

      I have a config property file in that profile which refers to 'keystore.loc' property and provided the profile path to the keystore file '***.jks'. However when I deploy the profile to the esb container, I get 'FileNotFoundException'; it couldnt find the path for 'keystore.loc' referred in my 'endpoint xml' file.


      Here is what I configured in the config prop file:




      General question, how do we refer 'profile' location inside the config properties file which is part of the profile.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.