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    nightmare on building JBPM6 source code

    charles chen Newbie

      Dear Maven,


      I have been building JBPM6 source code since last week, but have not succeed yet by now. During the building, I have the experiences on CPU over-heating issue with AMD CPU (have to move to another PC with Intel CPU) and 4G physical memory exhausted which is found during drools-wb-webapp building. I attempted to reduce the Xmx and Xms value, and then the maxthread issue appeared instead of memory issue. And then I attempted to reduce localWorkers by changing the relevant pom.xml file with result in vain.


      Could you give me a proper way to build jbpm6 source code smoothly without increasing physical memory?

      I am really reluctant to give up JBPM6 solution to my work flow project.


      I am looking forward to your reply.


      Thanks in advance.



      Yours Sincerely,


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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Charles,

          Building all the projects takes too long, that's why we have dedicated machines to build them all. My question to you, is why do you need to build all the projects? We usually just build the one that we are interested in changing, and all the others are downloaded from maven.

          You can try also running without the tests, and try to avoid building the projects called *-webapp which are the ones that compiles the gwt permutations and those takes some time and a lot of CPU. If you still want to compile the -webapp distributions, you can take a look at the GWT maven plugin for tweaking the GWT maven compilation parameters such as memory, threads etc.



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            charles chen Newbie

            Dear Mauricio Salatino,

            Many thanks to your earnest reply.

            I've evaluate the jbpm-console module and found it is suit for me, but I want to learn how to work out it from relevant github source code.

            Firstly, I build jbpm-console-ng.war from one sub-directory of droolsjbpm project, but I found that it cannot let me to evaluate the jbpm like jbpm-console.war because I cannot login it successfully. I guess maybe the jbpm-console-ng module is not the all part of jbpm-console-ng.

            I've just want to know how to build a jbpm-console.war, and falled into the source code building, and expect it can work out the war file.

            Can you give me the right way to work out the jbpm-console.war?

            Thanks in advance!

            Sincerely yours,


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              Reza Azizi Newbie

              Hi Charles


              Try to compile jbpm-console-ng/jbpm-console-ng-showcase sub project, i think it's all you need.

              if you found memory problem in compile time replace <extraJvmArgs> tag in your jbpm-console-ng-showcase/pom.xml with this one

              <extraJvmArgs>-Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -Dgwt.jjs.permutationWorkerFactory=com.google.gwt.dev.ThreadedPermutationWorkerFactory -Djetty.custom.sys.classes=bitronix;javax.transaction -Dorg.kie.demo=true -Dorg.kie.clean.onstartup=true</extraJvmArgs>


              this parameter prevent concurrent gwt permutations compile, and keeps ram free, but then you need more time to compile.


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                charles chen Newbie

                Dear Reza Azizi,

                Many thanks to your earnest reply.

                I've built the jbpm-console-ng sub-project, and got the war package, but cannot find the way to login (not the same username/password pair as jbpm-console). and have to think other strategies.

                Could any maven know how to evaluate thoroughly with jbpm-console-ng with sucessfully login into it?

                Thanks in advance!

                Yours sincerely,


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                  Mauricio Salatino Master

                  Hi there,

                  you need to build the -distribution-wars projects inside the jbpm console ng in order to deploy the application to the supported containers. And then configure the users and roles for those containers. If you want, you can start the application in developer mode, which can be triggered from the jbpm-console-ng-showcase/ directory using the

                  mvn gwt:run command. For hosted mode, there are some files inside the application which actually contains the users, roles and passwords. If you are planning to deploy on jboss you must use the distribution wars (the one tagged with jboss-as7 or something like that), and the configure the users as stated in the jbpm documentation.



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                    Reza Azizi Newbie

                    Hi Chen


                    About, deployment you must consider 2 configuration file.



                    you can check the jbpm-console-ng-distribution-wars folder and you will see that these configuration file are different from the original one in showcase project.

                    when you finished the compile process of showcase subproject then go to distribution-wars subproject and run mvn clean install again.

                    this process, extract the original showcase war file, make changes to those configuration, remove some extra files and make another war file in ../jbpm-console-ng-distribution-wars/target folder.

                    this war file can be deployed, but you need a well configured jboss AS as well.

                    the jbpm-6.0.x.Final-installer-full.zip package have an ant script (build.xml) that show everything  you need to configure JBoss for JBPM deployment.