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    When application is deployed to scaled wildfly 8, too many session instances are created

    Matej Briskar Newbie

      I have a scaled wildfly 8 cartridge on openshift that I am using along with a MongoDB database.


      In my Java application I have a Session bean. When this bean is created, it downloads the server status for the current user using REST from server (server is deployed elsewhere).

      The bean can look like this:




      public class MySessionBean {



          RestClient client;


          private Load load;



          public void init() {




      When I deploy this java application to the scaled wildfly 8, I can see on the server's mongodb.log (a log file from the database) a flood of requests from this application. In average, there are 4 requests per second. The application is not accessed by any user, the requests are caused by the session creation and never stop. When I load the status lazily (only when the status is somehow requested and not when the session is created), the server lives peacefully without any logs in mongodb.log.


      The question is:

      Is this behavior expected? I found it strange, so I rather report it here. It is not hapenning with a not scaled Wildfly 8 instance. I don't know if this behavior is caused by Wildfly or by Openshift.