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    How to send form values in popup window.?


      Here is my source code.its done with JSF + Spring + Richface



      <rich:popupPanel id="lp" modal="false" height="300" width="800" autosized="false" resizeable="true" moveable="true" >



      <f:facet name="header"><h:outputText value="SAM Selector" /></f:facet>

      <rich:panel style="clear:both;" header="Search SAM" styleClass="col" id="panelSamSearch" >



      <ui:decorate template="/jsf/templates/two_columns.xhtml">

      <ui:define name="left_label">*Search By</ui:define>

      <ui:define name="left_field">

          <h:selectOneMenu value="#{pOSController.samType}" >

              <f:selectItem itemValue="a" itemLabel="" />

              <f:selectItem itemValue="samUid" itemLabel="SAM UID" />

              <f:selectItem itemValue="samDid" itemLabel="SAM DID" />

              <f:selectItem itemValue="status" itemLabel="Status" />               



      <ui:define name="right_label">

          <h:inputText value="#{pOSController.samValue}" />


      <ui:define name="right_field">

          <a4j:commandButton id="samBtnSearch" execute="@this" value="Search" action="#{pOSController.loadSamPosTagging()}" render="#{rich:clientId('dataTableSamView')}"  />








      I tried with several ways..but unable to send samType and samValue to ManageBean class.

      Please help me to sort out this my issue.


      thanks all


      any issue with my .html file.???


      here mentioned .xhtml file import cr in form tag