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    Migration issues, deployment and lib/resource files

    Gregg Kelly Newbie

      I'm currently migrating an app from glassfish to wildfly 8 (w/ee7 and richfaces) and have stumbled on a issue I cannot quite figure out.  What I'm looking for is a best recommended approach for this issue -- as I'm sure I'm not the only one.


      My application creates an image file, on-demand, after selecting several users options and would write the new image file in the resources directory relative to the web root.  This has always worked fine and seemed like a straight forward approach.  For example, using <h:graphicImage library="chartImages" name="myChart.png"></h:graphicImage> would have a dir named ChartImages under the resources dir where all the files would be written to and accessed from.


      I use the CLI to deploy my app using: [~] deploy -f /myApp/dist/myApp.war.  This works perfectly fine and everything works except that its not an exploded deployment, so I do not have access to write to my resources directory.  I have seen and read about the tmp directory but  can't find detailed info how this exactly works, reading/writing/accessing...


      How do I specify that I want to deploy this as an exploded deployment??  I'd like to continue using this deployment method if possible.  Also, if I set auto-deploy-exploded="true" in my standalone.xml file and copy an exploded dir into the deployments directory, wildfly goes into an infinite loop deploying and undeploying the app.


      Lastly, what is the recommended design for writing/creating on-demand and accessing them w/html?