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    Need to start 2 instances of hornetq on the same windows machine

    Pramod Korwar Newbie

      I need to start 2 instances of hornetq servers (standalone for now) for clustering.

      Created 2 hornetq direcotries hornetqa and hornetqb.

      Edited one of the run.bat files to change the command line arguments for starting the server as

      set CLUSTER_PROPS="-Djnp.port=2099 -Djnp.rmiPort=2098 -Dhornetq.remoting.netty.port=6445 -Dhornetq.remoting.netty.batch.port=6455"


      Also changed accordingly the files hornetq-beans.xml and hornetq-configuration.xml to change the port addresses.


      When I start the server, I get the error

      Deployment "JNDIServer" is in error due to: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error configuring property: port for JNDIServer


      I am sure this is not related to port clashing. Has anybody overcome this issue?