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    OutOfMemory after some 1000 CMP Beans

    Heiko Klein Newbie

      I've written some CMP EJB with Jboss 3.2.3 and JConnector 3.1/MySQL. The CMP Beans are connected to remote via a stateless Management Bean.

      I use the 'default' setup for jboss, which means about 100 Beans should keep in memory. Though, after creating some thousand beans (depending on the java -Xmx settings) jboss throws a Out of memory. It seems like the Beans never get destroyed.

      There is a self-referential CMP bean (A) and a bean (B) containing refrence to (A), so in database-world, each A has many A's, each A has many B, each B has exactly one A.

      Any hints about how to find out more about the memory-leak is welcome.

      Best regards,