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    Adding Errai (and Uberfire) to an existing project

    Matt Traynham Newbie

      I've been looking at the framework and it has some really nice features, so I was hoping I could take advantage of them.  It seems like I might be at a loss though, so maybe someone can help.


      I currently have a project with this setup:

      client: GWT 2.4.0, Gin, GWT-RPC (single monolithic project)

      server: Guice, Jetty (also has Jaxrs classes that provide a subset of functionality from GWT-RPC)


      I'd like to get where:

      client: GWT 2.5.0, Errai, Uberfire (multi-module workspaces)

      server: Guice, Jetty and only Jaxrs (remove GWT-RPC)


      That being said, what dependencies do I need?  I can't seem to find good documentation on Errai CDI and Jetty specifically.  Any thoughts?