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    Developing a Log for my Application

    Daniel Castro Newbie

      Guys, I will try to make myself clear because I do not know the propper way to describe the kind of functionality I would like my app to have.


      I use Nexus OSS to manage my dependencies.  Nexus has a nice Log feature, where I can switch dinamically the criticity and immediately notice the change.  Also, this can be done with lots of Log Catalogs.

      I do not have the screenshot now to attach, but I hope someone here have used Nexus OSS (Sonartype) and knows what the Tab Log looks like.


      So, my question is: How to do this kind of Log for an App to be deployed over JBoss AS 7 and Wildfly 8?


      This is the kind of functionality I want to develop for my App.nexusLogScreen.png